Thursday, 22 October 2015

LITTLE ONE #Ugblogweek

I couldn’t sleep without giving justice to this day, I couldn’t let it happen. But between the joys of new babies, a Nalongo to dot on, I was brought back to a place of bliss; children always bring me so much joy. They always do. It got me scrolling back into many throwbacks, from the day I found out my darling friend was pregnant to the day she delivered.
So here is a throwback of a little poetry I wrote for myself but could pay a little congratulation to my power woman and mother, welcome to motherhood Mrs. Nalongo Nakato Bukirwa Juliet Ovon.
 Oh little one
As you grow into a
Being, flesh of my flesh
I promise myself to love
You and behold you
To keep you from the
Misery of poverty and I
Will bring you forth with a
Future of a life better than mine
You will surely have the
Best father to look up to
And you will grow to fear
The Lord, because without
Him I might never have known the right choices to make.
So as you turn through my
Inside, do so with assurance
That everything will be all right
When you get here
And even if challenges
Come, I will be there to hold you
Because I am you mother.



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