Sunday, 18 October 2015


Recently I was brought back to the reality that dreams can be challenged.As ambitious as I am and as ready as I am to take on life,I was brought to the realisation that sometimes things will stand in the way of what we are pursuing.I had the hope that applying for a masters scholarship would come by easy if I did all the necessary preparation. From getting all the documentation ready and all the little details in place,I was dumbstruck when all the doors to a masters scholarship that once seemed open,were far from attainable. I sat back as I saw the last effort of me trying to get into graduate school next year dwindle thin air.

But it was not without a lesson for me to learn.Dreams go beyond dreaming and trying to achieve them,there is alot of underlying work that works together to deliver us to our desired end.Paulo Coelho once said,"If you have a dream,the universe does conspire to get it attained" and while that might be true,there will be forces as well that will challenge our dreams and bring us back to the reality that sometimes things just don't go our way.Sometimes it is a case of my will be done rather than Gods will,other times it is just not the right timing and most of the times the dreams needs some more maturation.

Beyond our dreams, are forces that will teach us to prepare better and hope for some more but that lies only in our ability to accept a failure,pick its lessons and then go back on the drawing board and dream better and bigger.Beyond our dreams is hope not despair. And it is in always having hope that our dreams eventually show manifest.
I know it is not until disappointment comes our way,that we can appreciate the journey that others have walked before us. Don't stop in the tatters of your dreams...go on and dream some more.That is working wonders for me.
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